About Us

ISO 9001 Certification is a certification system that defines core business competences within a unified catalog. It also makes business knowledge verifiable with an internationally standardized exam.

Within just 7 years, ISO 9001 Certification was able to establish itself in 37 countries, in four different continents. The ISO 9001 Certification exam can be taken in 24 languages including English and Arabic. Nothing proves the quality and increasing acknowledgement of our education better than thousands of graduates worldwide who already obtained an ISO 9001 Certification certificate, including 7000 Austrian certificates during the year 2011.

On an international level the ISO 9001 Certification is hosted by two organizations: the ISO 9001 Certification International and the Council Business Competence for Europe. The International Centre of ISO 9001 Certification is based in Vienna, Austria, and managed by Mag. Victor Mihalic, CEO of ISO 9001 Certification International. ISO 9001 Certification International is responsible for supporting the existing countries, the international distribution of the ISO 9001 Certification and further development of the ISO 9001 Certification system.

The Council Business Competence for Europe (KWE) located in Paderborn, Germany, is composed of leading European professors for business management. Chairman of the Board is Univ. Prof. Gerhard Ortner. The Council acts as professional back stopper, idealistic carrier and provider of academic and strategic leadership.